Somatic Awakening in Yoga Practice

welcome back home to your living body!

Currently, The practices of yoga In the western world has gone a bit haywire and what I mean by that is…

We’ve lost the deep knowing way of practicing yoga

We’ve lost it for speed, and the pulsing repetitive feel of a gym rather than slow sensitive awareness of each unique body… listening from the inside first to make an outside move. Speedy certifications replace the process of really learning at the pace that your body can take in…

Hello I am Bobbie Ellis …. I believe in going a mile deep instead of a mile wide when it comes to moving your body. I have an antidote for the "haywiredness"' of yoga today, I’ve had the opportunity to study with amazing teachers like! Going back to the source of the historical foundations yoga while innovating the practice forward to suit a modern culture with a diverse population of people is the roots of how I teach. For many, each day is spent on a computer, moving forward and using mental capacities to achieve goals each day. Fast forward to a yoga class that leaves little room for transitions let alone allowing the body it's ample time to naturally unfold and prepare for what you are asking it to do . Rather than a competitive environment where the tendency is to push the body beyond its limits, how about settling in to feel what may be of benefit to your body through awareness and safety?

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