500 Hour Teacher Training

ONLINE availability

For information and application on either training, please call 732.266.1468 or email somactr@aol.com.

You can also schedule a consultation with Bobbie to see if this program is right for you.

Soma Yoga Teacher Training will be capped at a small number of participants to promote conscious dialogue, active participation, and strong community-building process. Each student will design a personal apprenticeship schedule with Bobbie for several hours 2 times per month and will be available for group process throughout the training year. During your apprenticing, you will be building on the gifts you already possess along with skills in presence, awareness, somatic listening, open movement, asana, breathing, embodied practice in soma yoga, meditation and living anatomy. A unique opportunity for learning, deepening personal practice and teaching Soma Yoga.

We have been training teachers and work in depth with students since 1998. We have found a unique process of learning through the old way of apprenticeship.
Each student is guided and mentored personally in the direction of their gifts, talents and interest. Learning from within, being guided by what calls their attention, their training and experience is shaped around personal vibrant passions. This way of learning is not for everyone, if it calls you, please make contact Bobbie Ellis for more information.

*The dates and times of training are decided by Bobbie and the apprentice to suit individual lifestyle and needs. Program includes 40 soma yoga online classes, 10 class assists and 10 class observes scheduled at your leisure within the training year with Bobbie. Prerequisite: 2 years of regular yoga practice.


Soma Yoga, living anatomy, therapeutic movement, sound, silence, Embodied Meditation and how to move people safe and effectively for balance restoration and renewal.


a teaching style that includes a living toolbox of posture, soma movements, inquiry, curiosity, and  your greatest gifts and talent.


from your your own direct experience and expression and teach from your body's deepest knowing.


Comprehensive Courage, Well being from the inside, 


what you love to do from a place of integrity and trusting your own way of sharing the ancient wisdom of yoga and movement therapuetics.


your practice and dive into the time tested teachings of Soma Yoga with universal ideas.

Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship

Chakra 1 Mulandhara - Rooting to the Earth. Taking One’s Place in The World.
Re-inhabit the body by exploring the expression of gravity in practice. Emphasis on bone health and resilience. Natural alignment and form building and teaching from the value of curiosity and creativity. Understanding and teaching the importance of self-regulation. Foundational Asana practice, standing. Embodied Meditation, first stages of settling - teaching from the ground within. Natural breathing and grounding, Pranayama.

Chakra 2 Svadhishana - The Body’s Language, Enter the Water Body.

Fluid sensation and the arousal of prana. Prana Vayus, Nadis and beyond complexity in movement, micro to macro exploring. Expanding our relational range. Essential relating, body/brain, self/world. Relational skills in teaching. Central Asana practice, hip opening and forward bends. The art of fluid breathing.

Ayurveda - The Mother of all Medicine Health and Wellness.

Moksha (freedom) & Prakriti (true nature) The power of inhabiting Prakriti. Teaching Prakriti balance in a group class. Food, mood and inner understanding. Knowing and teaching Doshic health. Tending the needs of the individual and the whole.

Chakra 3 Manipura - Fire, Light, Discipline and Devotion.

Keeping the Fires Stoked, not too much and not too little.
Transformation & ego awareness. The Embodiment of fire & light. Sun/Moon pranayama. 6 gateways of Embodied Meditation. Warming Asana practice, spinal twists. Movement Therapeutics for a healthy spine.

Chakra 4 Anahata - Teaching from A Reservoir of Love. Movement for the Heart.

Teaching loving kindness. Breathing explorations for heart health. Opening the front of the body. Asana series, shoulders & backbends. Heart and tail connection. Arm Balance Asana series, extensions of the heart. Education and learning styles.

Chakra 5 Vissudha - Trust, Truth and Creative Resourcing. Clear Communication in Teaching and in Life.

Deep inner listening skills. Sound medicine and healing Mantras for health. Sound in Embodied Meditation. The art of personal expression in practice. Movement Therapy for the neck and shoulders.

Chakra 6 Ajna - Intuition and Primal Knowing. Caring, Tending and Teaching from the Silent Witness.

Claiming your intuition in teaching and in life. Changing points of view, inversions for everybody. Many options for non-inverters.

Chakra 7 Sahasrara - Bringing Higher Consciousness Down to Earth. Spirituality and the Depth of Silence.

Creating workshops and retreats. Higher consciousness and communication. Trusting the heart of the world. The art of teaching the beginner, intermediate and advanced student. Anatomical knowledge, touchstones in practice.

Integration, Therapeutics and the Conscious Professional.

Crossing the river into teaching. Teacher’s insurance and venues. Teaching masterful classes. Deepening relationship to what is alive and sacred. A journey towards soulful maturation. Re-Wilding the human spirit for a greater range of freedom (moksha), an essential dimension in teaching Soma Yoga® practices. Small ball therapeutics.



Thirty Years


Quality, Practice

& Experience

“Adyapi na nivrtto me samshaya param ishvara kim rupam tattvata deva shabda rasi kala mayam…”


I have long been listening to the love songs of Form longing for formless. What are these energies undulating through our bodies, pulsating us into action? And this “matter” out of which our forms are made? What are these dancing particles of condensed radiance?


- The Radiance Sutras