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Warm Up on the Beach

FREE class
Come as you are...

A FREE 45 minute class with Bobbie. Includes movement, posture and meditation. ALL WELCOME

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Movement &

the Creative Process

         Movement ~ Imagery ~ Drawing ~ Writing

           for personal & global transformation 

Yet, despite our need to break things down, the unity of life remains the foundation of all relationship. In the Yoruba language, spoken in West Africa, there is one word for being and doing, iwa (Ee-wah). The word means all that informs our existence. Beauty is part of your iwa, and relationship and community are part of your iwa. If I were to say I know your iwa", it means I know your history, your dreams, your strengths, and your frailties. It means I know what waits under your words and between your hesitations. It means I know the unity of your life. Iwa refers to an all-embracing way of relationship. Iwa evokes a quality of care that connects us to everything. 

__Mark Nepo


Explore the creativity of life! GlobalBody is a creative process that explores movement, drawing, writing, witnessing, enactment and group or private session expression. Vibrant health and/or healing operates on many dimensions simultaneously by attaining a state of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical awareness to transform and expand the quality of life no matter what is happening.


Sensations ~ Moving~~ Feeling ~ Imagining ~

In truth, these 4 components cannot be separated. Movement affects the way we feel, the way we feel affects the way we move. This feeds the images and words that get evoked and worked with through drawing and writing. One does not have to have an art background or be able to move in any specific way to gain insight about a deeper way of living through creativity and understanding ones self in an integrated holistic process. These tools help access our life stories as ground for moving, feeling and creating art. As life experience deepens, personal art expression expands, and as art expression expands, life experiences deepen. 


Group Sessions coming soon!



Please contact Bobbie directly for more information and possibilities

732-266-1468 or




Continuum is an approach to exploring how we live in, and move through, our bodies. It is a portal to a deeper awareness of, and connection to, embodiment, movement, learning, growth, well-being, and creativity. Attention to internal experience through breath, sound, meditative awareness, and fluid movement expands our experience of embodiment and opens us to new possibilities of inhabiting our bodies and expressing ourselves through them.

Emergent ideas, potent images, and interesting themes set the ground for movement exploration. Different movements are combined with breath and sound to encourage embodied, mindful exploration of the idea, image or theme. We often change our relationship to gravity to invite new internal feedback and information. The pace of this series will be at times very quiet, slow, and meditative, with participants exploring nearly invisible micro-movements. We will also explore  fast and lively movements in large wave-like, spiraling motions. This way of being helps us to “move well”.

Private sessions, small group classes available upon request

Public, in person and online classes and workshops coming soon!

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If you have interest in private/semi private sessions please email me to set upa time to chat. Pricing varies

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