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Somatic Practices for health and well being

My name is Bobbie Ellis and I have been in the world of body based practices for 37 years. These practices are a deep way of living a life with intention to presence, in being authentic and having living conversations that matter to you, to the health and wellness of your body and the greater world in which we live. My sincerest hope is that my words here each week, can inspire you to be in your body, to learn from its wisdom and to trust the guts of what you feel!

Each week I will cover a subject of somatic inquiry, and give you a short practice to explore.

here is an exploration to start with:

  • sit on the floor or in a chair

  • close your eyes or drop your gaze downward

  • feel your feet making contact with the floor

  • feel your seat touching the floor or chair

  • feel the length of your spine from tail to crown

  • observe your breath for 10 rounds of inhales and exhales

  • rest quietly until you feel like moving to your next task

Body based presence

When you can be in your body more often, your mind is less likely to take you "hostage"! Stay committed to this short practice each day!

In Joy,


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