The Soma of Practice

Excerpt fro

m my upcoming book:

"The moon invented natural rhythm, civilization uninvented it"

Tom Robbins


As a culture, in these uncertain times, we need a sense of trust and belonging when we sit, lie, or stand in the presence of the body. We are called to become a vessel, a conduit of embodiment. In modern culture where many movement options are mechanical and linear, from exercise options to the way we care for ourselves, somatic embodied practices are rising in popularity. There is a deep calling to come home to intuition, receptivity and alive sensuality that can only be found in the quiet moments of your own attention. This level of practice cannot be found in a book, or a set form of practice; we can only create a context in which to meet ourselves with a strong and gentle heart and trust the way inward.

The Continuum Of Yoga developed out of my deepest longing to recover my own embodied life. Having been in the yoga traditions for 36 years, and then spending 20 years committed to a Continuum practice, I discovered that Continuum helped shape and inform my yoga practice and what I now call The Continuum Of Yoga.

My practice became a journey back to my intuitive self-knowing. The postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and ideas from other teachers continued to reshape themselves in the way I explored them. For many years Inside I was listening to the voice of teachers I studied with.. when I quieted those voices, I listened to the wisdom of my own body, and that became a container to feel into the fluid wisdom moving from within, like the slow tides of the sea and it’s many changing currents.

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