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Somatic Inquiry in Difficult times

How do we keep the light on inside ourselves with so much hardship and turmoil around us?

I had the unique privilege to speak with a parent of a child who was killed recently in the horrific war in Israel and the Gaza strip....

Its hard to be with these hurtful acts when they are so far away..It makes me feel helpless, confused about our evolving humanity and my heart gets heavy...

So I decided to get on the floor and gently ride the waves of breathing, sensing how my body touches the floor and with each exhale I open myself to gravity, the here and now..My eyes became wet with sadness, and I begain to roll my body in a myriad of directions that felt like a mirror to the feelings...

After a while of moving and feeling my body there were natural pauses, sensing my connections to all of humanity through connecting with myself...we don't always think that way in a culture that is outwardly focused.

As I came out of this somatic exploring, rest and healing, my eyes were still wet, not only with sadness of a world gone mad it seems, but also with a commitment of deep connection into the fabric of myself with all of my gifts and mishaps, and to one another. I imagine my heart strings reaching out to a woman in Israel who is grieving the loss of a loved one...or a family who is so scared that they retreat and live a small tempered life. their breath so small they feel dizzy with a lack of oxogen...

Take a moment to feel what is happening... take some time to lay down and breathe, move ... and somewhere reconnect with untethered love.

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