Soma Teacher Classes

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Ines Altemos

NIA - Thursday 6pm

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Ines Altemose has been interested in movement and dance for over 40 years. She first studied Middle Eastern Dance and Flamenco and performed and taught Middle Eastern Dance also known as Danse Orientale for many years. Upon her first experience with Nia, she was hooked. The joy and expressiveness of Nia spoke to her and led to a deepening of her Nia practice and the decision to obtain a White Belt in 2011. Ines now holds Nia Blue, Brown, Black and Green Belts. Additioanlly she has been trained in Nia 5 Stages, Nia 52 Moves, Nia Wisw Moves and Nia Moving to Heal. Ines has been teaching Nia in NJ since 2014 and would love to share the joy of movement with you.


Gurvinder Singh

Level 1 Yoga - Sunday 9am

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Venmo: @Gurvinder-Singh-52

Gurvinder Singh turned to Iyengar yoga in 2004 to get away from the stress of corporate life and has been practicing yoga ever since. However, it was through his experience with Soma yoga that he discovered a powerful, invigorating and spiritual practice that began an amazing journey of self discovery. He has completed 500-hour teacher training in Soma Yoga. Gurvinder loves the scientific techniques based on sound anatomical, biomechanical and physiological principles that can be used to refine and deepen yoga postures. With his knowledge of Sanskrit, he integrates tools from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras into the practice.


Avi Ray

Restorative Yoga - Tuesday 7pm

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Avi Ray has been practicing yoga since 1999. She began the 200-hour Soma Teacher Training program in 2005 in order to deepen her yoga practice and wassurprised to discover that she loved teaching, especially the over-55 population. Since 2005, Avi has taught multilevel yoga classes in a gym, retirement communities, the East Brunswick Adult School, a summer camp, an after-school program, and has been a constant presence at Soma as student and substitute teacher. Avi’s goal in teaching is to help her students stretch, relax and improve their health, flexibility and concentration in a warm, nurturing environment. 


Susan Winkler

Yoga - Monday 7pm

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Paypal: SusanWinkler421

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Susan Winkler believes strongly in the power of yoga to relieve mental and emotional stress, allowing students to find peace and comfort within themselves. Stress can manifest itself in the body as physical ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease, migraines, asthma, and digestive problems, or as mental/emotional challenges such as depression, anxiety and insomnia. Through meditation and relaxation techniques, the body can begin to heal itself. This is the primary focus of Susan’s classes, incorporating postures that improve the body’s flexibility and strength, as well as breathing exercises and meditations that calm the mind and allow students to begin their quest for self-knowledge and transformation to a happier and healthier being.