Personal One with One Sessions Available in
Yoga, Continuum and Embodiment

"Self care is never a selfish act; It is simply good stewardship of the only gift you have, the gift you were put on earth to offer others'"
__Parker Palmer
Flexibility and strength equally.
Your inner life.
What is meaningful to you.
Back, neck, shoulder, foot or any other body part that is in pain.


How your body works through living anatomy concepts.
How to relieve stress.
Breathing explorations for greater health and wellness.


With life in awareness and presence.

Bobbie Ellis Specializes In

Working with those who have neurological challenges, imbalances due to aging, and recovering from illness.
Anyone who needs personal one on one attention in yoga and movement therapy.
Those who need personal awareness practices to prepare for a public class.
Personalized prenatal yoga for the childbearing year.

For more information, please call Bobbie Ellis at 732.266.1468 or email