Personal One with One Sessions and Private group gatherings
Available in
Yoga, Continuum and Embodiment with deep stewardship of the body
Ceremony, Ritual  and Celebrations where a guide is needed 


*(within 10 miles of Highland Park)

"Self care is never a selfish act; It is simply good stewardship of the only gift you have, the gift you were put on earth to offer others'"
__Parker Palmer
You can book a private session at your convenience or gather a few friends you want to move with and schedule a time that works for all of you!
  • Physical, Mental and Emotional flexibility and strength 
  • Your inner life
  • What is meaningful to you
  • Back, neck, shoulder, foot or any other body part that is in pain
  • Holistic recovery from injuries or surgery


  • How your body works through living anatomy concepts
  • How to relieve stress and enhance your well being
  • Breathing explorations for greater health and wellness


  • With life as a process with inquiry in awareness and presence
  • Experiencial Embodied Meditation Techniques
The Sacred
  • Creating a ritual to mark a mile stone of any kind in your life
  • Create a ceremony or celebration of any passage where a guide is needed
  • Explore Spiritual techniques to enhance your life's purpose
  • Find deeper meaning in a crossroad, a milestone, a fork in the road of life

Bobbie Ellis Specializes In:

Working with those who have neurological challenges, imbalances due to aging, and recovering from illness. She has a special niche in working with those with Cerebral Palsy and Stroke recovery.
Anyone who needs personal one with one attention in yoga, continuum and movement therapy, or a ritual of meaning making for a life passage like a birthday or life changing experience that needs acknowledgment in ceremony or celebration. Those who need personal awareness practices to prepare for a public class. Personalized prenatal yoga for the childbearing year. 
If you would like to gather a group of friends or family members together to explore any of these offerings for a one time session or multiple sessions.

For more information, and to schedule a session please call Bobbie Ellis at 732.266.1468 or email