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Winter Workshops

FREE Community
Meditation Circle

Highland Park Public Library

1st Thurs . 7-8:30pm

with Bobbie

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Embodied Meditation

Last Thurs of Each Month

with Bobbie

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Global Body Series

Sat, 1/27 . 11am-2pm

with Bobbie

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Intro to Hanna Somatics

Sun, 1/7 . 11:30am-1pm

with Gena Rho Smith

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Hanna Somatics

Sun, 1/14, 21, 28

with Gena Rho Smith

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Dave Miller's EarthMovers Drum Collective

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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship

with Bobbie

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Soma Center is Available for Rentals

Want to expand what you are doing? Have a group that needs a beautiful space? Are you a personal trainer? Coach? Body care provider? Therapist?
For information, please call Bobbie 732-777-9642

winterWinter 2018 Workshops

Effective January 1-May 31, 2018

CLOSINGS: April 1 and May 28

With Bobbie Ellis

Global Body - A Year to Live

Saturdays, 1/27, 2/24, 3/24, 4/28, 5/26 . 11am-2pm

With Bobbie Ellis

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. or call 732-777-9642 to reserve your space.

Embodied Meditation (Last Thursday of Month)


With Bobbie Ellis

How do we begin to awaken the heart body? Can we refasten ourselves to a practice that re - embodies love? Kindness? Can we discover a love, bursting out of the ground of our being, that is fully human and at the same time an expression of the deepest reality of the universe in the midst of cultural flux? Get close to your own basic state of good will? The smallest ripple can shift the ocean and change the current. This monthly practice explores the space of the heart and the warmth (and anything else) that arises from that space. There will be gentle movement to prepare the body for meditation, embodied meditation explorations, along with shared experience and open awareness practices.

Guest Teachers

Introduction to Hanna Somatics

Sunday, January 7 . 11:30am - 1:00pm

Sundays, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28 . 11:30am - 2:00pm

with Gena Rho Smith

Wake up to the Infinite Wisdom of the Body And dispel the Myths of Aging With Gena Rho Smith

This 3 week series is the foundation of Thomas Hanna’s powerful effective Somatic movement modality. Learn to restore muscle function with gentle, easeful movements that will allow you to reset muscle length, release out of pain, and move freely toward full function. Gain a new perspective on your body and the wisdom it holds. This workshop is for anyone with chronically tight muscles that would like to learn a highly effective way to relax and release on his/her own. Cost: $150.00 for the series

Gena Rho Smith, Clinical Somatic Educator, 646-734-9708

Touching the Surface, Feeling the Depths - Continuum and the joy of contact

Saturday, February 17. 1:00 - 6:00pm

with Mary Abrams

The work begins prior to the workshop date. Once you have created the intension to join us, you may begin to notice shifts in awareness. Lori will do an energy clearing for our group remotely to release any blocks to opening up prior to the workshop. This clearing will occur during sleep.

To thrive as humans we are in constant skin contact with our world. We know the support and healing gifts and creative play of touch first with our early caregivers, then with playmates and/or siblings, and eventually as adults with trusted loved ones or bodywork professionals. Deep calmness and satisfaction can awaken in one’s nervous system when they experience considerate, listening, and playful touch. When one experiences interested attention through trusted touch, joy and self-recognition can flow freely.

This workshop explores ways to experience integrity and intimacy by developing “body listening” skills through breath/sound and the fluid resonance of Continuum, and by moving with body to body contact. We will explore spontaneous movement expression individually, with partners, and in small groups to awaken our capacity for being with each other in genuine moments of moving, feeling, and expressing. We will also include verbal exchange using compassionate self-reflective awareness, to expand our possibilities for discovering new meaning and for building community through moving, touching, and being touched.

Somatic Illumination Workshop

Sunday, February 25. 11:30am - 1:30pm

with Gean Rho Smith and Lori Dalvi

This workshop will be a unique blend of Shamanic energy work and Hanna Somatics. Both modalities delve into the unconscious or that which is unknown to us. This can include anything from involuntary muscle contraction to thoughts and feelings that are holding us back from living our life to the fullest. This workshop will give you practical help to cultivate awareness and offer concrete options to support a sense of trust in what you sense and feel. We hope you will join us in exploring self-care practices that offer a new perspective on following your intuition and easing out of physical discomfort. Cost: $65.00

Gena Rho Smith, Clinical Somatic Educator, 646-734-9708

Alchemy of Eros

April 27 - 29

Sabine Mead

At the core of an individual’s spiritual nature is the deep well of Eros. This aspect of our essential nature is one of the least understood and most feared in our modern culture, and has forged an enormous schism in our psyche and being. Eros is the primary healer inherent in our biosystem or what we call a body; it is the necessary ingredient that exhilarates self, enlivens our tissues, restores our vitality, and nourishes our passion, all of which are paramount to our health.

This workshop is an in‐depth inquiry into our erotic nature, parsing out and broadening our concepts of sexual nature and sensuality. Moving beyond preconceived ideas and superficial notions of sexual nature, we allow ourselves to discover the universal tides of Eros. These tides open our imagination and help us cultivate a capacity to more deeply inhabit our bodies and reclaim our primal birthright to embody pleasure and wholeness.

Resonant Body Movement™, a Continuum based practice, is a dynamic combination of movement, breath, sound and sensation to access our inherent bio‐intelligence rooted in the fluid systems of the body. By activating and invigorating these various fluids, we penetrate the density of tissue and create a plasticity needed for movement, communication, health and wholeness. This practice creates an opportunity to dissolve physical and psychological blocks thereby allowing spaciousness for deeper levels of embodiment.

Watermark Arts Performance


Dave Miller's EarthMovers Drum Collectivedave miller

Sundays, 1/21, 2/18, 3/18, 4/15 . 3pm

Cost: $15 with refreshments served

For info contact Dave directly: 908-705-5635 or

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