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Spring Workshops

BodyLove — A commitment to YOU!

5/4, 5/25 // 11am-1pm

with Bobbie

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5/11 // 11am-6pm

with Bobbie

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Dance and Drum

5/19 // 1-3pm

with Dave and Ines

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Somatic Movement Summit: The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature


Watermark Arts at Omega Rhinebeck, NY

with Bobbie Elis

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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship

with Bobbie

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Soma Center is Available for Rentals

Want to expand what you are doing? Have a group that needs a beautiful space? Are you a personal trainer? Coach? Body care provider? Therapist?
For information, please call Bobbie 732-777-9642

Preparing For Class:

• Arrive 10-15 min before class..

• Wear loose comfortable clothing that you can move in easily. Layering is recommended as your body may change temperature during class.

• Yoga and movement is done barefoot, toesox with tread are acceptable footwear in studio.

• Do not eat a large meal before any form of practice, yet it is important that you have sustainable blood sugar levels.

• Bring a yoga mat if you have one for personal use. We also provide public mats at no extra charge.

• Soma Center is a fully equipped studio. All props are provided.

• Stay within the range and possibilities of your body's capacity for movement.

• Bring your presence, questions and curiosities

When traveling you may have a Yoga Center nearby: International yoga centers directory

winterSpring 2019 Classes

Effective January 2 - May 31, 2019

CLOSINGS: 4/21, 5/27


Community Soma Yoga

6:45 - 8:15pm // with Sue

This class is intended for those who are on a limited budget as well as class card holders and full paying drop-ins. Class includes all levels of soma yoga practice; non-linear movement, asana, breathwork, embodied meditation and relaxation.
Sliding scale fee: $8-18

2019 Class Pricing

First Time: $10

1 Hour: $12

Drop-In over 1hr: $18

Senior/Student Drop-In: $14

8 Classes/10 Weeks: $125

Series Programs as Noted

Summer Blast Unlimited: $300

June 1 - August 31

Unlimited Class Memberships:

1 Month: $155 / 3 Month: $380

6 Month: $555 / 1 Year: $1,200

Credit Card Charges:

Only made over a $70 purchase

• If you take more than 2 classes per week buy an unlimited membership and SAVE.

• Yearly membership card holders save 10% on bodywork sessions with Bobbie.

• If you cannot afford pricing due to job loss or financial hardship, please discuss options with Director and Owner of Soma Center, Bobbie Ellis at 732-777-9642 x4. Everyone is welcomed.

Preparing For Class
- see bottom of sidebar


Restorative Soma Yoga and Meditation

7 - 8:30pm // with Avi

This class is designed to cultivate the relaxation response and to allow lots of time for quiet exploration in breath and movement. Meditation and restorative yoga are important practices, especially in this day and age, when most of us are “multi-tasking” and moving so quickly. These practices help us release stress and activate the healing and calming aspects of ourselves. Each class begins with breath and/or sound work, leading into guided meditation. From there we will move into a gentle yoga practice, stretching and using non-linear movement to release the residual tension from the day, and to prepare for an ending restorative practice for the last third of the class. All levels are welcome. As long as you are breathing, you can find benefit in this practice.


Women's In-Power Yoga

9:30 - 11am // with Bobbie

Open yourself to the secret sacred questions that are only available and can only be asked in the quiet moments of your own attention. Learn to navigate the uncharted inner landscape of your own soul through explorations in movement, sound, asana, embodied meditation practices, rest, and renewal. In accessing the feminine principals of practice, we become a conduit for healing energy for ourselves and the world in which we live. Through Women's Yoga we begin to reshape the nature and quality of our inner world to inform our outer living, holding sacred the mysteries of the unknown. Returning to the flowing awareness of peace that is your birthright Becoming open to the beautiful mystery of the soul of life and how she continues to reveal herself again and again through the portals of the feminine. By blending consciousness with direct experience, Intuition with direction, form with flow we find balance between the healthy masculine held by the deep feminine.

What you will learn and explore:

1. Explorative Asana practice using the feminine principals of intuition, receptivity, flow, spreading, fluctuation and timelessness.

2. Discover your healthy masculine - form, direction, focus, gathering.

3. Learn the many stages of embodied meditation - the expression of earth & space in the body, tracking sensation, sensory awareness, and imagery.

4. Depth relaxation to enhance whole body function and educate through the feminine expression and experience.

All levels welcome as your movement is "self paced"

Level 1 Yoga

7:00 - 8:30pm // with Shilpa

Explore all aspect of Soma Yoga practice working on building and exploring from your own way of taking in what you are offered. Learn Alice and passive ways of practice. Breathing, meditation, posture and rest will be included in every class.



6 - 7pm // with Ines Altemose

Class Starts on January 24, 2019

A Dynamic fitness practice that connects all the realms of body, mind, emotions and spirit. A joyful, fun, and energizing workout incorporating martial arts, dance and healing arts. Nia cultivates body centered awareness - "The body's way" this practice is adaptable to individual needs and abilities - "Your Body's way" Simply...Nia is for "Everybody"


Fluid Strength

9:30 - 10:45am // with Bobbie

Learn therapeutic Movement exercises to enhance movement range and expression. Slow down into deeper yoga posture, enliven through embodied meditations. Rest deeply and let go more fully. By incorporating Weights with yoga and slow fluid movement we find a trio in an ultimate anti-aging system, a hybrid of three powerful, time-tested exercise systems: yoga, fluid movement and body building. Applying deep and rhythmic breathing in every exercise, you’ll create a versatile strong  core, stimulate metabolism, build your endurance, maintain bone resilience, and become more flexible all while achieving deeper balance, inner strength, and peace of mind. Session includes: Essential practices in soma yoga and slow movement with a variety of weight options exercises including warm-up, seated exercises, standing exercises and floor exercises. Embodied meditation, Deep relaxation, Small ball therapies, Theroband explorations for length and strength, Full body expressions on the physioball and more! Benefits: Strength, flexibility and stamina, Fluidity in movement, Increased joint mobility, Maximized workout potential, Added weight supports healthy bone resilience tones, and shapes your body in a self - regulating, respectful way. Stimulates metabolism through active breathing, increased weights and movement, Extra weights encourages balance, while engaging muscles in new angles. Tailoring  your workouts to meet individual needs based upon self- knowing. All are welcome from endurance trainers to seniors.


All Level Soma Yoga

9 - 10:30am // with Bobbie

With 32 years of experience, Bobbie provides a class environment to awaken curiosity and inquiry to move and explore in Embodied Meditation, Breath, and Sound Medicine along with Open Asana Explorations. Come create an inner environment for health and well-being using the most important principal of yoga "ahimsa" (which means non-violence) Self-regulation and expression is encouraged through multi-level rising and falling practice concepts that are fully engaging and build an inner inquiry that follows you back out into your life in a way that naturally transforms, fully nourishes and builds an extraordinary inner life for health, well-being and creative transformational living. Some experience in yoga and movement encouraged.

BodyLove — A Commitment to YOU!

11am - 1pm // with Bobbie

May 4 and 25

Explore a kind relationship with your body & develop trust in the innate intelligence of your body in movement, breath and more. Cost: Series $250. click here for details

Continuum with Bobbie Ellis

May 11 // 11am - 6pm

Cost: $30 per class (Jan-March). $85 (May 11). All classes $200. click here for details


Level I Yoga

9:30 - 10:45am // with Gurvinder Singh

Please join Gurvinder Singh (Certified in Soma Yoga 500-hour) for a unique experience of authentic Yoga practice on Sundays, 9:30 am at Soma Center. Scientific techniques based on sound anatomical, biomechanical and physiological principles will be used to refine and deepen yoga postures. A gentle Vinyasa flow and tools from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras will be integrated into the practice to bring mental focus and peace. “Yogash Chitta Vritti Nirodhah.” Welcoming beginners & experienced students!

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